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The machine modem

          In modem is adding 2 words of English .They modulation and demodulation.Modulation means to give Digital signals to Analog signals.Demodulation means to give Analog signals to Digital signal.
          The word moden is made by getting the friest 2 Leters in modulatoin (mo) and the 3 Letters in Demodulation (Dem).After it is made Modem.This machine is provide internet connection to Computer with the help of telephone.



The Dumbara mats

                The village Dumbara is famous for mats in our country.It is situated in the Central provinece.THe main occupas of the most of the women in this village weaving mats.
                The women use the leaves of palm trees and some kind of trees which grow in marshy lands and the leaves of watakeyya bushes.
                At frist the people cut those trees and leaves in to amall strips.Then they boil them in hot boiling waten.Then they dry them.After that they add verious colours to them using local things which are used to made colours.Some colours that they use are drat red,pink,brown,purple,green,yellow,blue etc.
                THey weave mats using different designs and patterns.Some of them are animals,figures,such as peacock,elephant,deer,tiger,reptiles such as cobra,python etc,bird such as danceres,solderes ect and imaginative figures.
                WEaving mats is one of the main handicrafts which our country earns a lot local and foreign exchange.But losing its popularity frono people.As sri lankans its our duty to protect and promote such industry because they are the our industry that come from generation to generation since past.

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A Naturalist

               I have a friend in a small village in the dry zone.He writes interesting books on the plants,birds and the animals of our country.At the age of ten.He could also idenify a bird by its call or an animals by its footprints.
               At the age of twelve he was able to write intersting and accurate descriptions about them in his nature diary.He had to read book to find out more about them.


A Computer

                          Computer is very important for future.The valuble work of computer is unmeasurable.We can called it to the father of future technology.Today this use for many things.Such as for ICT, Education, Communication,Banking,Etc.Today have high amount of computer brands.This is a machine but it can do some things Quickly better than man.We have many advantages from it.It Was work by binary codes(lgo).

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The Job I Like

                               The job I like is teaching.Teaching is consided as the world’snoblest peofession.It is greater than any other job in the society because evryone in the worldrespects teachers.
                               Teaching has a freadom ,because a teacher has to work six regular hours pera day.But is a very responsible job.A teacher has to work with Children.So it is not a montonouns job.Working with childrn gives some one pleasure because children are like flowers.
                                Teaching is not a highly paid job.But I like that very much because the contetment.We kvown is more valuable than money.

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There is a saying called”Healthy mind in a healthy body.Actually good health is a precious gift of nature for a man kind.If we are suffering from diseses,it’s difficult to do our duty in the society.Today,one of the major problems in our country is health problems.There are evem certain fatal diseases spreading throughout the country very rapidly.So we have to pay greater attention on our health.
A healthy person can lead a successful life by all means.How can we make a healthy body?We know that prevention is better than cure.So,it is easy to keep up a healthy body by following a set of good health habits regularly.
First of all we must get up early in the morning.Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.Cleanliness is also very important.We must keep our home environment clean.Our clothes around be washed regularly.Also,we can get fresh air by growing trees around our home.We should drink plenty of pure water.Having a balanced diet is another important thing.We should add fresh fruits and vegetables to our regular meals.Physical exercising helps us in great deal to have a healthy life.So as school children,we can do sports for physical exercising.
in addition,we should stand together to make a healthy society so conducting different kinds of community health programmes is very important.Orgnizing Shramdana campaigns and conducting counseling programmes are very important to make a healthy society.Also health promotion programmes can be carried out in the schools and in the society.So,let’s do what we can do to make a healthy society.

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Mosquitoes belong to the group of insects.They rapidly grow everywhere in the world.Most of the female mosquitoes feed on animals blood.But the male mosquitoes suck plants juice.
Mosquitoes spread many fatal diseases like malaria,Dengue,yellow fever etc.These diseases show the symptoms of high fever,headache and body pain.All these diseases caused by mosquitoes lead to the death even.Therefore we,as intelligent people,must do our part to get rid of mosquitoes.We must try to minimize the risk of being infected with such diseases.
Mosquitoes need only a little stagnant water to lay and developed their eggs.But Dengue mosquitoes lay eggs on clean and stillwater.There are many places where the water holds in the environment.Our plant pot holders,flower vases and pils,roof gutters and drains clogged with leaves are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
So we must not let to breed mosquitoes in the environment.We must clean the environment to solve this dangerous problem.Otherwise.The mosquito problem will always be present amoung us.