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A Computer

                          Computer is very important for future.The valuble work of computer is unmeasurable.We can called it to the father of future technology.Today this use for many things.Such as for ICT, Education, Communication,Banking,Etc.Today have high amount of computer brands.This is a machine but it can do some things Quickly better than man.We have many advantages from it.It Was work by binary codes(lgo).


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Ananda Samarakoon

Ananda Samarakoon was a well know musician.Hestudies music and painting in the Shanthiniketana in India.He was very much influence by the poems and music of Country.Sinhala language.He colleted the flok song s of Sri lanka.He has also written immortal lyrics that are popular from generaction togenaretion.He is well known as the composition of the NAtional An them of Sri Lanka.

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The Job I Like

                               The job I like is teaching.Teaching is consided as the world’snoblest peofession.It is greater than any other job in the society because evryone in the worldrespects teachers.
                               Teaching has a freadom ,because a teacher has to work six regular hours pera day.But is a very responsible job.A teacher has to work with Children.So it is not a montonouns job.Working with childrn gives some one pleasure because children are like flowers.
                                Teaching is not a highly paid job.But I like that very much because the contetment.We kvown is more valuable than money.

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A tornado is a very powerful type of storm.The air twists around at very high speed.The air can be moving at speeds between 500kph and 800kph.A tornado is also sometimes called a twister.
A tornado is shaped like a narrow twisting funnel.It is made from clouds and dust.the tornado stretches from the sky down to the ground.It can move across the land and may lose for a few hours or only a few when air starts to rise quickly.Some tornados begin over the sea.They are called “waterrspouts”.
A tornado can wreck buildings cars and roads.the damage can be terrible.Weather forecasters try to warn people,but are hard to know where tornados go and how fastthey will move.The safest plac to when a tornado strikes is in an underground shelter.There are so many tornados in the flat central plains of North Amarica that the area is called “Tornado alley”.

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                                    Tropical rainforests are located around the equator.They are found in south and central Amarica,Africa and in the island around Australia and Asia.The rainforests are drought for human existence.There are many mammals,birds insects and reptiles in these rainforests.We can find a large number of medicinal plants in these rainforests.These vast forest areas help us and soil erosion.A significant amount of world’s produced is oxygen and given out into atmosphere by these rainforests.

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Mr.Henry jayasena

                               Mr.Henry jayasena was born in Bendiyamulla,Gampaha on the 6th of July 1931. His father was a teacher. His Mother was a housewife.He was youngest of a family of six-four brothers and a sister. He received his education at Rome Catholic primary school in Bendiyamulla,Lorenz college in Gampaha and at Nalanda vidyalaya in Colombo.
                   His wife was Mrs Manel jayasena. Both of them were popular among the people because of their actings. Mr.Henry jayasena has been an actor not only on stage but also on screen.
                   ‘Hunuwataya kathawa’and ‘Diriya mawa ha age daruwo’are adaptation that he has acted. He also published novels such as children who become men Lailarus saha Niliyakage kathawak he has two I’ve two gradd children called Randira and Hansaja. So He has written some stories and poems for children. Mr.jayasena and his wife have geven all their time,energy and talents to the stage.

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There is a saying called”Healthy mind in a healthy body.Actually good health is a precious gift of nature for a man kind.If we are suffering from diseses,it’s difficult to do our duty in the society.Today,one of the major problems in our country is health problems.There are evem certain fatal diseases spreading throughout the country very rapidly.So we have to pay greater attention on our health.
A healthy person can lead a successful life by all means.How can we make a healthy body?We know that prevention is better than cure.So,it is easy to keep up a healthy body by following a set of good health habits regularly.
First of all we must get up early in the morning.Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.Cleanliness is also very important.We must keep our home environment clean.Our clothes around be washed regularly.Also,we can get fresh air by growing trees around our home.We should drink plenty of pure water.Having a balanced diet is another important thing.We should add fresh fruits and vegetables to our regular meals.Physical exercising helps us in great deal to have a healthy life.So as school children,we can do sports for physical exercising.
in addition,we should stand together to make a healthy society so conducting different kinds of community health programmes is very important.Orgnizing Shramdana campaigns and conducting counseling programmes are very important to make a healthy society.Also health promotion programmes can be carried out in the schools and in the society.So,let’s do what we can do to make a healthy society.